This article will show you how you can record a basic video.

1. Select “New Video” on your home screen

2. Select the video format

Now you can choose what kind of video you want to record. You have three options:

1. Camera only – record only yourself with your camera

2. Screen only – record only your screen

3. Screen + Cam – record your screen and yourself at the same time

In all three modes your audio will be recorded so you can explain whatever you want to show your counterpart.

3. Start recording

Once the desired recording mode is selected you can get going and tell your story by simply clicking on “Start recording”.

4. Finish the recording and save it

When you are done you can click on “Save recording” to stop and save your video.

5. Done!

Congratulations! You have now recorded your first MailVideo! In the next article you can learn how to edit your masterpiece before saving it to your library.

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